| Húgákiyé |

means 'to paddle' in Dene First Nations and represents our commitment to the journey ahead.


Okakie is a clothing design company dedicated and fully invested in the future of the apparel industry and the new innovations of garment manufacturing. We are a team of designers, engineers and connectors working together to develop and bring awareness to the apparel manufacturing industry.

We appreciate your time and respect your history with our potential candidate. In order for us to assist in the success of our candidate, we need to ensure that our environment is the right fit for their future success and endeavours. We thank you in advance for your honesty and thoroughness in the following questionnaire.

What is your name? *
What is your name?
How long have you worked with the candidate? *
The candidate has an excellent work ethic, often going above and beyond the call of duty.
The candidate displays the characteristics of excellent customer service when assisting clients and guests.
The candidate is highly effective in communicating current projects, suggestions or issues to the team and upper management.
The candidate works well and efficiently under pressure.
The candidate anticipates problems effectively instead of just reacting.
When the candidate is given inadequate resources, they manage to complete the project at hand effectively.
The candidate exhibits the natural ability to manage a project with little or no supervision.
When in conflict with team members, the candidate takes initiative in resolving issues and repairing the relationship.
In conflict situations, the candidate takes initiatives to remedy the problem and find solutions.
The candidate has the skills and confidence to take initiative and solve problems as they arise.
When the candidate makes an error, they are quick to accept responsibility over making excuses.
When the candidate fails at meeting goals, they remain positive and are active seeking solutions.
The candidate readily takes action without waiting for direction.
The candidate has the proven ability to act on difficult company decisions that one or two other associates might not like.
The candidate processes leadership actions that will quickly gain the confidence of others.
The candidate takes responsibility for those they lead, and their power of authority.
The candidate gets along well with others regardless of their differences.
The candidate excels in building genuine relationships and rapport.
In group situations, the candidate feels confident taking the lead.
The candidate has the proven ability to communicate effectively when other team members are not doing their share of the work.
The candidate responds well to change and has the proven ability to facilitate the changes.
In relation to others, the candidate has the confidence and proven ability to take initiative.
The candidate is well organized, managing their workforce effectively.
The candidate is persistent in meeting their goals to achieve success and learn.
The candidate is a workplace mentor to others.
The candidate has the proven ability to delegate responsibility to others.
Out of those you've mentored, the candidate has grown the most, absorbing your teachings in the time they worked with you.
Out of those you've mentored, the candidate demonstrates the most positive behaviour.
Out of those you've mentored, the candidate works the best within the team, inspiring others.
You would rehire the candidate again for long term employment.