We're a design company; a collective of designers, engineers

and connectors bound by our pursuit of garment innovation.

Our clients are our investors, as part of our profits are

re-routed into research and development.  




Okakie  | Húgákiyé |  means 'to paddle'

in Dene First Nations and represents our

commitment to the journey ahead.



We're dedicated to the research and development of garment manufacturing innovations. Our focus is to invest in and commit to our ideals of waste reduction and sustainability in the apparel industry.

Radical Design

We understand the need to reduce waste yet the desire to evolve your wardrobe season after season. The rest of our collection is designed with versatility and transformability in mind.


Our designs are made in small batches by our seamstresses in Canada and Saigon. We also partner with family owned manufacturers in the USA that have been screened for ethical working conditions. 


Who Are We?


Materials Engineer, Marc, quit his job to join wife and fashion designer, Nicole, in the apparel industry.

Traveling the world to visit manufacturers, developing product lines for their brands and stores, they envision a sustainable future of new manufacturing processes and development solutions. 

OKAKIE is focued on investing in and committing to our ideals of waste reduction and sustainability in the apparel industry..

Our team operates and designs out of our shop and studio in downtown Vancouver, Canada. We are currently researching polymers and electro-spinning.