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157 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A


We're a design company, a collective of designers, engineers

and connectors bound by our pursuit of garment innovation.

Our clients are our investors, where 100% of our profits are

re-routed into research and development.




wanted: visionaries.


Our internal core is cemented by our shared desire to improve the well being of those around us. Our team is educated and thoughtful in our pursuits, trained and developed by leading fashion companies. Our backgrounds range from Material Scientists and nurses to technical garment designers and seamstresses, all committed to building and sharing our vision of garment design.  

To all visionaries: you're wanted.

Please check out the opportunities listed below and reach out to us if you're feeling what we're feeling.


head seamstress

Alterations / Fittings

Vancouver, Canada

fulltime stylist /sales

Client Connections

Vancouver, Canada

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